Our company provides services related to searching for and purchasing goods across Estonia and Europe. We can act as your trade agent and representative in Estonia.

Our services:

• searching for and purchasing all kinds of goods across various resources in Estonia and Europe (manufacturers, warehouses, wholesale depots, plants, factories, stores, online stores)

• searching for manufacturers of custom-made goods in Estonia; searching for manufacturers of various parts and components

• searching for and purchasing, at affordable prices, goods that are sold only in the local market

• storing goods at affiliate warehouses in Tallinn and Narva

• shipping goods to any country across the globe (by mail, courier or through logistics companies)

• preparing various types of documentation related to the shipping of goods from Estonia

• conducting marketing research into Estonia’s market of goods and services

• tracking and monitoring purchased goods across Estonia

• acting as your trusted agent in Europe

We are based in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

Tallinn, and its immediate vicinity, has got lots of various shopping malls, specialized stores, firms, companies, representative offices, warehouses, and wholesale depots, which provides unlimited opportunities in terms of searching for and purchasing various products at affordable prices.

Additional services:

• conducting individual negotiations with the seller regarding the product prices (we always try to conduct negotiations in such a way as to obtain lower prices on ordered products in Estonia and ensure the most reasonable conditions of partnership for the buyer)

• the product is purchased by our Estonian firm, which helps keep the product prices low (there is no export price mark-up)

• the possibility of organizing direct, steady shipments of the product from the seller to the buyer by establishing direct contact between them, with us taking care of the agreement from then on

• clearing the language barrier

If you have any questions or would like to enlist our services, just email us at info@ant-company.ee, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!!!