ANT Company OÜ will represent the interests of your company across Estonia and will always strive to help attain all of your objectives and targets in a most professional and accurate manner. We are perfectly aware of the degree of responsibility incumbent upon us and will do our best to fully justify your confidence in us.

We work with experts in other areas as well (lawyers, accountants, customs agents, logisticians, etc.). If need be, we can help you enlist the temporary or extended services of an expert who could assist you with a particular specialized task.

Consequently, your company will have a great chance to attain its objectives in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Brief roster of our services:

  • Conduct negotiations on behalf of the partner
  • Provide assistance with preparing and conducting negotiations
  • Arrange joint visits to suppliers
  • Arrange joint visits to clients
  • Search for and conduct negotiations with distributors
  • Search for and conduct negotiations with manufacturers
  • Search for and conduct negotiations with retail chains
  • Present our partners and their products to selected clients
  • Search for logistical companies
  • Search for partners in promoting the product
  • Search for institutions providing maintenance services
  • Visit countries the partner is interested in with a view to resolving specific objectives on the partner’s behalf
  • Arrange joint visits to trade fairs
  • Regularly carry out work related to representing the partner’s interests in markets the partner is interested in
  • Open up a branch office or a subsidiary company
  • Search for experts
  • Search for an office
  • Take care of other formalities that may come up in setting the company up for operation in a foreign country                                                                               

If you are interested in our proposal, please send us an email at info@ant-company.ee, hit us up on Skype, or just give us a phone call. We will be happy to hear you out and welcome you as our partner.